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Private Shell

Private Shell is an SSH client program that runs on your personal computer and is used to login to a remote computer system using ssh protocol that provides significantly enhanced security for your login session including SecureFTP (SFTP) client for easy and secure file upload and download.

Private Shell is a powerful and convenient tool for both novice and expert users. You can use either GUI or command line interface. The latter makes it easy to establish ssh connection by third-party application such as CVS. Tunneling feature allows establishing secure data transfer between applications that do not support secure communication, so you can secure mail transfer, database access, and more.

Private Shell has enhanced capabilities for authorization keys management, such as key generation, key upload, import/export for keys created by other applications.

To provide interaction with other software Private Shell includes key agent software.


  • You can find some Private Shell screenshots here.


  • SSH Client (SSH1, SSH2)
  • SFTP Client (Secure FTP, Explorer-like interface)
  • Autoconfiguration: setup secure connections easily
  • ssh.exe and scp.exe (Secure CoPy) command line tools
  • Authentication methods: password, public key
  • "Upload public key" feature
  • SSH tunneling / port forwarding (bi-directional) support
  • X11 tunneling
  • Key Agent software included
  • Profiles support
  • GUI and command line versions
  • Customizable colors and layout of terminal window
  • Custom keyboard mapping
  • Private/public key import(export) from(to) OpenSSH,, PuTTY, SSH version 1 formats
  • Remote server's codepage support (including UTF-8)
  • Support for silent installation
  • Session logging
  • NAWS, to allow remote applications realtime resize
  • Minimize to tray capability
  • Support for files over 4GB
  • Host key algorithms: DSA, RSA
  • Ciphers: AES, Twofish, 3DES, Blowfish, Arcfour, CAST-128
  • MACs (Message Authentication Codes): SHA1, MD5
  • Emulated terminals: VT100, VT102, VT200, VT220, VT320, VT420 and XTerm
  • SSH Keepalives
Latest Version
Private Shell 3.3
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